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What I released in 2010

Here’s a recap of what I’ve worked on and released in 2010:

###Youtube Fraiche

I couldn’t find a youtube downloader that worked on github, so I wrote my own one evening

###Uploadd and paperclip_uploadd I wanted to upload and store images off-site (using paperclip/rails) on an server which has cheaper bandwidth rates than S3. Using rainbows, this tiny rack script has handled over a 1.5 million uploads at a peak of 10-15 uploads/sec. Also, it’s been running for about 6 months now without a single crash. Thank you Eric Wong! There is also a plugin for the popular paperclip gem to use uploadd as a storage backend transparently.


Tiny javascript for making the site gutters clickable based on a fixed width layout


Completely inspired by Nick Kallen’s post on authorization, I wanted to extract that pattern into a rails plugin that I could use for all my projects. I use devise/existential for all my projects now.


Easy way to participate in opengraph and draw facebook like buttons. Just annotate your models with meta data, and draw it in your view easily.


I kinda feel bad that I took a cool name for such a lame script. Anyway it’s a set of rake tasks that provide a hair of abstraction above scp. Useful when you have a set of files locally that map to a different set of files remotely.

I already have tons of stuff in the works for 2011!