Tmux Session Coloring

Recently, I’ve really gotten into tmux for managing all my terminal sessions/windows. Not so much for the panes, but more for keeping a highly contextual environment per project or task. As the number of sessions grew, they became difficult to tell apart. For a few days now, I’ve had the idea of hashing the name of the session into a unique color, so that every session had its own status-bg color.

Golang HTTP Handlers as Middleware

Most modern web stacks allow the “filtering” of requests via stackable/composable middleware, allowing you to cleanly separate cross-cutting concerns from your web application. This weekend I needed to hook into go’s http.FileServer and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to do.

Riak at Posterous

A few months ago, I gave a presentation on how Posterous uses Riak for it’s post cache; At #ricon2012 I ended up retelling this story to numerous people, so I thought I’d post the slides and video here.

Finagle with scala-bootstrapper

I’ve been fascinated by the concepts in finagle for some time, but being a scala noob, I never knew how to bootstrap a finagle project. Turns out twitter has a gem,┬áscala-bootstrapper, that generates a simple thirft based key/value store for you. There’s even atutorial on how to extend the example project into a distributed search service. This is a guide on setting it all up locally, it assumes you have Git, Homebrew, and OS X.