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Why MooTools (or Why not JQuery)

##UPDATE 2012: this post is dumb and angsty, dont read

I’ve been toying around with MooTools a bit lately, and I’ve found the experience quite enjoyable and refreshing. Naturally, I twittered about it and went along my merry way. Moments later (and much to my surprise), I had a direct message from John Resig himself asking “Why, what’s wrong with jQuery?”. I was pretty taken aback that he would take time from his surely busy day to message a total stranger in an effort to improve his project or at least gain an insight in the everyday life of a js developer (it’s not like DHH would personally message people that are dumping rails to use merb). I figured he deserved a straight, honest answer; One that at least would be longer than 140 characters (even though I managed to use every single one). So it begs the question, Why MooTools?

It’s not like I’m never going to use JQuery again; It simply isn’t my default js framework any longer.