@capotej website


Various side projects I’ve developed over the years.


Finatra - sinatra inspired web framework for scala using finagle

Base - scala project generator

Monoloco - a chaos monkey implementation


Watercoolr - pubsub via HTTP webhooks

Uploadd - rainbows based upload server, with rails paperclip plugin

Existential - absolute minimum authorization system for rails

MigrationFor - ruby gem for writing migrations without leaving the command line, read more here

theman - ruby scheduler/worker framework, used for running various tasks at different intervals

has_opengraph - rails plugin to export open graph data from your models

Fieldy - ruby gem for dealing with fixed width fields

Amazon AIM - implementation of the Amazon Inventory Management (AIM) API

AtomLog - library for converting ruby’s Logger format into an ATOM feed


Whim - wrapper over the official ec2 command line tools, based on sub

Kiev - simple embedded k/v store for use in scripts, read more here


Nolimit - a bitcask database exposed via a webmachine HTTP API, written mainly to learn webmachine and bitcask


Randimgur - finds imgur images by generating random urls, you try it out here (WARNING: randomly NSFW)

Antigallery - a completely customizable gallery, used by posterous